Ancestral  Clearing & healing

Did you know that our bodies carry the stories, illnesses, tragedies, pain, and grief of our ancestors?


Ancestral clearing and Healing  is a combination of ancient and morden method of healing from inherited emotional issues, unresolved trauma and unhealthy patterns from your ancestral lineage.


These patterns can have a detrimental effect on your current life experience so it is in your own best interest to release them.


Inherited Emotions and Ancestral Healing

The emotions of our parents, and those of our grand-parents, can unwittingly become ours – the fears, anger and grief that they may have experienced, and even their addictions, could be a ‘legacy’ that we too feel, and also pass on to our children.


How many of us ever make the link between our issues – perhaps unexplained fear, anxiety or depression – and what happened to our family members in generations before us?


When someone experiences a traumatic event or suffers, due to a negative event, it is easy to understand why they may become ‘emotionally’ disturbed, but what if you struggle with an ‘unexplained’ sense of hopelessness or sadness, with nothing to identify as the trigger? 

It may be emotional ‘inheritance’.


Whether we are aware of it or not, we are greatly influenced by emotional and energetic patterns, contracts/agreements or belief systems from previous generations with our family. These create many challenges in our lives, stopping us to aligning to our authentic power, living our purpose and feeling our own self worth or experiencing true vitality and inner peace or even to manifest the  life we want. It can also manifest as depression, guilt, anger, injustices, illnesses and phobias.


What occurred in your family history is ultimately still very present and living in your nervous system and cellular memory. As a direct consequence, any ancestral conflict yet to be resolved, including emotional wounds, traumatic events, negative thought patterns or belief systems can still occupy your energetic grid.

This grid, because of your DNA, connects you to a larger energy pattern of your entire family generations back


Ancestral healing is healing your family tree and the soul of your family tree. It involves healing your ancestors unresolved emotional issues, problems or traumas. By doing this, it releases you from that pattern, along with releasing generational healing to the generations before you as well as your descendant.


We are often unaware of how the energy of old family wounds influences how we think and act. Patterns of abuse, incest, addiction, poor health, and many other traits are passed down through generations. These traits have created energetic imprints which need clearing so the ancestral pattern ceases to influence or control our behavior or health. 

I have learned that certain behavior patterns are ingrained in me, that certain trauma from my female ancestors still reflects itself in me and how to heal some of those inter-generational issues. I started seeing patterns, the connections between me and all the women who have come before me. 


I learned that some of what I was experiencing was actually called Intergenerational trauma


Intergenerational trauma is when we experience that same symptoms of someone else’s trauma, a family member who came before us. This can manifest in many ways, but for me one example was Fibroids and for a client of mine it was an unexplainable fear of thunderstorms, a sudden fear of the energy that she became increasingly aware of that resulted in panic attacks that ripped her out of my sleep. 


These imprints on our DNA can show up in our live in many ways. 


Ancestral imprints may manifest as:

1. A debilitating belief or emotion which you share with other members of

    your family lineage;


2. A particularly destructive behavior such as substance abuse, addiction or incest which runs through your family…


3. Health problems or accidents that appear in “themes” along a male or

    female lineage


How do you know when Ancestral Healing can help?


Ancestral healing would be ideal for the following:

    • When there is a dysfunctional pattern in your life or the lives of family members. These patterns hold you back and keep you from experiencing happiness and/or enjoying your life. For example: Having a repetitive cycle of  succeeding and then losing it all.

    • When you have reached a plateau on your life or are feeling stuck and want to progress further

    • Even when you’ve worked on healing yourself, you feel blocked or restless, ready to move forward but something is holding you back from doing so. This would be a good time to look to your Ancestors to see why this is happening and much more.


What can we do about inherited emotions?

The good news is – once we make these links – we are able to break them. 

Our bodies are designed to be self-regulating and self-healing. Negative events and our reactions to them can cause energetic blockages in the flow of energy throughout the body, impeding normal function and healing.

Ancestral clearin & healing: is a combination of secret ancient healing methods, kinesiology, energy field readings, ancient rituals and intuitive questioning, these energy blockages can be released, and promote the healing process.


Ancestral healing can help us to make changes on an energetic level that can make huge improvements in how we feel emotionally and physically.


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