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Thank you for blessing me with your visit. I hope you find inspiration on my website, which will accompany you and remind you of the divine light that you carry within you. Magic is everywhere around us! It is the reason of life. We are magical!
After 21 years I finally made the jump. For many years I have worked with clients in 1-3 hour sessions, group workshops and retreats.

In 2017 I changed my work from hourly sessions to 1-day to 21-day intensive retreat sessions, and programs. 


Hourly sessions are now only offered for Consultations, readings, Coaching and advice. I offer the Following Consultation and Coaching Sessions: lifestyle consultations, spiritual guidance, grief and loss counseling, life transition counseling, Intuitive basic consultation, BioCellularReprogramming®  Consultations, Psychogenetics and karmic Consultations, BioCellular-LifeStyleSolutions consults and

Coaching, as well as a variety of intensive retreats and workshops that cover a wide range of topics, to bring more balance and quick results into the lives of clients. Through intensive, individual retreats, you achieve quick results and changes. Healing work is done in intensive retreats in a 1-day to 21-day intensive retreat Session.


All consultations are offered through Skype and in person. 


At the moment because of the Corona situation I only offer Skype Consult session. and also do clearing session on Skype.


I believes that strong technical skills are required to help people in times of crisis or health problems resolve their conflicts. My goal is to educate and inspire others, to become masters of their own healing and life, and to offer therapists a new perspective on dealing with disease and life Challenges.

I want to create a supportive and caring environment where valuable clients like you can regain their vitality, achieve their dreams, move into a better future and live the life they really want to live.


What you need to know:

My consultation fees are € 389.00.

Skype consultations are 1.5 hour 

Skype clearing Sessions are schedule between 1-2 hours Sessions. 

Cost of an hour Skype consultations is € 335,00


All consulting fees include VAT.

As usual, all appointments are paid in advance for confirm.


Book a consultaion Now!

I After booking your consultation,  an invoice will be sent to ou an a time and date for your appointment. Your appointment will then be confirmed for you after you have paid the invoice.


Since I have a waiting list, it is adviceable to do payments within three working days of recieving your invoice.


All retreats are designed according to personal Issues and individually and are based on my BioCellularReprogramming® system and method.

BioCellularReprogramming® is an encroachment of different applications and protocols that I use in my retreats, workshops, lectures and Coaching ServicesI offer you hands-on solutions that are tailored to your needs and help you achieve your life and health goals without burdening your busy schedules.


I take my work very seriously. For this reason, I prepare for your session by praying and meditating in advance and making energetic contact with you. Therefore appointments must be canceled at least 72 hours in advance. If you want to cancel your appointment, the 72 hour cancellation policy applies. All cancellations that do not meet these conditions must be paid in full. In emergency situations on your part that lead to a cancellation, 20% of the fees paid for the preparations made will be retained and the rest will be credited to you as a voucher for a new appointment.

Emergencies that lead to the cancellation of an appointment on my part will be settled with a 30-minute consultation gift voucher.

I work with clients who value investing in my higher rates (because their results are increasingly MORE EXPONENT than they were when I underestimated myself and set my value low). I have now expanded my reach into a number of new individual retreat programs designed to bring more balance and quick results into the lives of clients.
Through intensive collaboration with clients, in individual retreats, they achieve fast results and changes.
Hourly sessions are only offered for readings and consultations.


It takes courage for someone to start a personal development journey. I believe that my ability to be empathetic has prepared me to treat others with empathy and respect for the vulnerability inherent in the process of personal growth.

I find it helpful to have the resources to find the best modality to help someone who, for example, wishes to participate in a "well-being retreat" when, in fact, he / she will benefit more in a "health management." Retreat ". 
After all, I find it extremely important to set and maintain healthy boundaries with my clients.


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Find out more how I can help you!

I dedicate my own life to the task of improving people's lives, giving them new hope and, last but not least, healing them! I see this as my purpose, as a reason for my own existence. From the deepest conviction and firm belief.

For me it is a great act of grace to help my fellow human beings to holistic recovery and to accompany them on this path.

I only act as a channel, as a tool. As a very small wheel in the big picture.
The effective energy work, which I  do in sessions, can influence a life situation and/or a disease  and medical treatments condition extremely favorably and lastingly.
This often acts as a catalyst for further enriching effects. For some people, these changes are not just at the level of individual, emotional and physical wellbeing. Some people also experience a positive impact on the family, in personal relationships, in their workplace, or they feel a stronger positive connection to people in general.
My healing is the work of the Divine creation!

Everyone may develop different theories and explanations why my abilities can make fundamental transformations. The fact is, they are extraordinary.
Nevertheless, I promise no cure. I do not explain, do not advice and do not make any diagnoses or treatments.
However, I offer the possibility that what I share with people can help in some very personal ways.
I encourage you to understand that what flows through me to people is natural and present in each one of us.
Many people have been able to develop their own talent and power potential through me and today lead a successful, fulfilling, creative and in every way healthy life.
I offer people my help simply in love.

I am happy to be part of your growth, healing process and transformation.

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