Readings and Consultations

A reading gives you the opportunity to find the truth of your soul and make your own decisions with the information you receive.
The connection to your soul is a sacred process and Susan asks you to honor reading sessions with the utmost integrity and respect.
Reading with Susan Uffenbrink can help you:

  • about your life lessons, their purpose, and how you can reach your highest potential in this life,  
  • Make decisions that are in harmony with your soul
  • To discover what prevents you from healing yourself and how you can free yourself from your negative life patterns
  • Karmic cords that trap you in discouraging circumstances to clear
  • Clarity on the relationship dynamics and how you can solve them so that you can achieve healthier and more fulfilling relationships
  • to become aware that soul contracts and vows hold you back. You get techniques as you clarify them
  • Gain access to the essence of your soul and connect with your Higher Self
  • Emotional and energetic traumas that hinder your way to solve
  • To learn ways to regain your personal power and help you to create a life that matches your soul truth
  • Ask questions and get news directly from your spiritual leaders and ancestors

A reading brings clarity, understanding and wisdom to your inner realm.
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