Our Goal



Our objectives in Sacred-Flame & Fragrance-Soul Center For Life Style Solutions is understanding the causes of Illness.


Uncovering and communicating a deeper meaning of physical and emotional manifestations is deeply in my hearts.


It is also my goal to establish a client-focused, decent and empathetic retreat program that respects the uniqueness of the individual and treats you as a whole person, not just your problem. A retreat program that considers empathic-loving interaction as the fundamental attitude of successful healing processes to be essential. Supporting the recovery process, finding, resolving / changing and transforming blocks, preserving and activating the self-healing powers, assuming personal responsibility, awakening abilities and potentials, recognizing and unfolding them.

It is necessary to recognize the cause in all things, so we can actively shape our lives and not feel at the mercy of them. To achieve healing includes the willingness of change.

We offer retreats on a continuous basis on the topics:
    • Health
    • Authentic Self-Determination
    • How to find / refine your life task
       and live out his authentic self
    • relationship crises
    • inner child
    • Transformation

  •  Burnout self-help and more

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An ideal client for me would be someone who has a real desire to improve their lives, want real change and is ready to take the initiative for change and start personal growth. Contact our center today

Readings overview

  • Intuitive reading
  • Psychic reading
  • Extra-Sensory reading
  • Akaschic chronic reading
  • Soul Life reading


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