Intuivive Consultation

What exactly is intuitive Consultation?
An intuitive consultation with me is a professional session that helps you to solve critical problems that you are facing. It's about helping you to create more clarity, love and happiness. This service is about improving every aspect of your life - your relationships, your career, your health, your finances, or your personal growth.

My intuitive counseling sessions are radically different from most other approaches to personal growth. I give you personalized intuitive insights that help you find solutions to the challenges of your life. This is done without the tricks and fuzziness that are often associated with most "intuitive or psychic readings," such as: reading a pre-written script as known by many "psychic network readers."
Intuitive counseling is a session in which I access helpful information about your life from the "intuitive mind" rather than the five outer basic senses.
Again, to emphasize: I have this ability due to specialized training and experience. By combining my intuitive skills with my background in counseling and psychic, I can offer you a comprehensive approach to achieving the desired results in your life.

I usually get intuitive insights in the form of visual images, feelings and words. Because the "intuitive mind" goes beyond the normal boundaries of time and space, the insights I share with you may relate to the past, the present, or the future. Again, several credible sources, such as Princeton University, have shown that this is possible.
I can also talk about events that have occurred or are likely to occur at a great distance from your location. Science has shown that this, too, is possible.

Read the science of intuition here Intuitive counseling services.


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