"It is advisable to learn skills before we need them"


Susan L. Uffenbrink founded the Sacred-Flame & Fragrance-Soul Center for LifeStyle Solutions in 1997 in Rhein-Landpfalz.

Her background as Soul Translator, Life-Self-Care Coach and Life Science Practitioner in the field of Holistic Optimal Health, she explores the myriad interactions between genetic,  psychological, environmental and lifestyle factors that can influence long-term health and complex chronic health issues. 


As a Life Science Practitioner, Susan focus on, diet, nutrition, and integrative healthcare. Susan is not a primary care physician and do not manage medications.


She practice Life Science with an emphasis on “healer as teacher” and a belief that the power to heal lies within each one of us. Life is a journey of learning and growing.


Susan has been spiritually aware since her childhood. her real interest is in, what causes Illness/how to stay healthy (salutogenesis), Parapsychology, Life Science, life-between-lives.


"I spent my whole life mastering my empathic nature". she says.


Susan father Late Chief T. K. Molonge was not only chief of the Bakwerie Tribe of the southern Cameroons, but also traditional naturopath, astrologer, numerologist, naturopathic teacher and founder and director of a private successful hospital in southern Cameroons in the 50´s till his death in early 80`s.


The focus of her work is on the multidimensional nature of human beings and optimal health. 


Susan Uffenbrink has been in the healthcare industry for 29 years, of which she has been a qualified LifeStyle Solutions practitioner for more than two decades.

Susan has owned her own business in Germany for 24 years and has consulted with thousands of clients during that time.



Can you imagine feeling everything around you, positive or negative, 24 hours a day?

"An empath can not turn off empathy (unlike someone who may be very compassionate” or very sensitive”). It is perhaps one of the most difficult to master spiritual gifts.

It's an ongoing process and I'm not sure I'll ever see it coming to an end during this incarnation. But I'm satisfied, and despite all the integration challenges, I consider this gift an incredible gift today.

I see my abilities as a holy trusteeship of the higher good and honour that responsibility.


From childhood, I've been helping people break through limitations and live their true purpose. One of my first memories, at the age of 11, was a profound vocation to serve humanity. I grew up with a father whom many consider a spiritual "saint" from West Africa. This led me to an intense search around the world. A quest for instruction and answers to the best techniques and methods of transformation and integration of body, mind, soul and Spirit to awaken our amazing human potential".

Susan is an avid student of Social Psychology, Eastern Philosophy, Shamanism, Parapsychology, Vedic Teachings and Orthomolecular Integrative Medicine, Nutrition and Brain Chemistry.  She is also a writer and researcher and enjoy learning about life though nature, education, movies, and working with her clients.


For more than two and a half decade, Susan is involved with health-promoting approaches, i.e the question "How to build health and stay healthy" (salutogenesis). Her passion for natural health and educating people about inclusive solutions that are both safe and effective; Healing the body, drives her to seek the truth about the causes of health problems.


As Life Science Practitioner Susan offer a unique combination of bodywork, Parapsychological Counselling, nutritional Counselling, and Energy medicine to effectively bring relief to her client in Life crises Situations. Susan is committed to developing, promoting and strengthening the health literacy of every human being and is dedicated to personal development, spirituality, transformation and helping people navigate and work through challenging times. Many of the most successful Germans consider Susan L. Uffenbrink their "secret weapon”.

As a health and LifeStyle Coach Susan L. Uffenbrink inspire people to take care and responsibility for their health and actively acquire the necessary skills. She has a profound Understanding of spiritual journeys and is committed to guiding you in discovering who you truly are. "I gently work with Client with chronic health issues. I don’t just focus on physical healing, because chronic illness and health issues is hardly ever just a physical ailment. I apply healing techniques using my signature five levels of healing I call the "nine dimensional healing system- healing on the cellular level" in order to address every aspect of your health and lifestyle".


In her LifeStyle Practice in Rhein-Landpfalz, Susan use a combination treatments including nutritional Counselling, supplements, bodywork, exercise therapeutics, Hydropathy, Energetics, spiritual practices, and Parapsychological Counselling. Your care is always highly personalized and designed to be the most effective health plan for you.


Susan is presently teaching healthy living,  finding your life mission and live your Authentic self at Sacred-Flame & Fragrance-Soul Center For LifeStyle Solutions Faller Street Str. 18  55490 Woppenroth Germany, and see private Clients. She offer Retreats on health, Authentic self, finding your life calling and on Relationship crises, on an ongoing basis.



To help myself and others understand the laws of nature and use that knowledge to create optimal health.


Eleven principles for my Life science practice:


    1. I believe that the laws of nature must be understood and followed to obtain optimal health.


    2. I identify and treat the cause.


    3. I treat the “whole person” by working as needed on five levels: mentally, emotionally, physically, energetically, and spiritually.


    4. I do no harm with my treatments.


    5. I educate my Clients.


    6. I practice prevention as the best “cure.”


    7. I always strive to be a conscientious person  

        in my practice and personal life with regard  

        to my impact on the planet


    8. I offer you a personalized experience where you get to know me and I get to know you


    9.    I offer my clients safe, natural, effective treatments of modern science and ancient wisdom.  


  10. to provide the best possible quality of service to my clients within a confidential safe environment


  11. to empower my clients in decisions regarding their health care

Goals of my Practice

1. I love my work.


2. I care about people.


3. I listen and pay attention.


4. I believe humanity is important.


5. I educate my Clients in the ways of health.


6. I treat the whole person.


7. I respect my Clients individual healing processes.


8. I help Clients recognize and follow the wisdom of their innate knowingness.


9. I help Clients recognize and be true to their higher self.


10. My Clients and I are cohorts on the journey of life and health.


11. to create a space and experience for my clients that is welcoming and relaxing where you can reconnect— body, mind, soul and spirit.


12. Curious by nature I am always discovering new techniques and ideas and constantly strive to further my own knowledge and understanding of new and beneficial modalities.


13. helping you discover who you truly are, is what I love to do and I look forward to seeing you!  


I see healing as a natural process, and happiness

and wellbeing as your birthrights. My goal is to

support and empower you in your healing

journey, so that you may reclaim these birthrights

and live your life to its fullest potential.


Schedule with me today and discover how I can make a difference in your life.

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