Are you experiencing verbal or physical abuse because your partner is emotionally volatile? Has your relationship suffered from affairs, betrayal and deception? Are the two of you constantly fighting for control? Is it time for a real change in your relationship? Do you want specific tools and tangible results in a short time?

A couples retreat is an effective way to bring change and growth into your relationship. Dedicating an intensive, uninterrupted time for you and your partner can make a big difference and often bring results in a more effective way.


Has your relationship been suffering for a long time?


With the right help you can turn things around!


We often hear from couples that they couldn’t imagine how much change and growth could happen in such a short time.

All our couple Retreats are private retreats.


Our intensive Couple retreats  do not consist of a group workshop or seminar. These are customized retreats consisting entirely of private sessions where the focus is totally on you and your partner. The focus is on healthy living, forgiving, communication, and building a spiritual practice.   The exact list of sessions you experience will depend on your unique situation and your goals for the Couples retreat.

You don’t have to be on the brink of divorce to benefit from this experience. In fact, couples come to Scred-Flame & Fragrance-Soul Center for LifeStyle Solutions for many reasons: Some come to us seeking to enhance what they already have; others to rescue their relationship; and still others to establish the path leading to a friendly divorce and healthy co-parenting.

If you’re ready to experience the life-changing transformation that comes from real intimacy, the emotionally focused approach we use in our couples retreats is the shortest path. In fact, it’s really the only path.

The insights and perspectives Susan Uffenbrink shares with you during your Couples retreats come not only from her own experience of being in relationship, but also from hundreds of hours working with other couples.

Our Couple Retreats are helpful for couples who are struggling in their relationship and want to learn how to communicate better and rediscover their love for one another. It’s also a good fit for partners who just want to learn better skills and expand their intimacy.

Within the Retreats we have two tracks – one for couples who have been together for a while and one for premarital couples (before or shortly after getting married) who want to create a better foundation for their future. 

Susan Uffenbrink believe the foundation of relationships is connection and communication, which are the aspects our Couple Retreats most focused on. Communication is the biggest challenge couples face, and so in the retreat Susan Uffenbrink teach them to identify their patterns of communication, how to overcome conflict and even how to use it as a way of getting closer to each other. In addition, when couples learn how to create intimacy and connection they feel closer and more satisfied, which then improves their communication.

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