Lifestyle Change Retreat Program For Medical Conditions

Lifestyle Change Retreat programs are designed to effect positive changes on physical, mental-emotional and spiritual medical conditions. 


The Lifestyle Change Retreat programs are individualized according to each person’s unique health history. Detoxification and lifestyle changes are emphasized.


Our Lifestyle Change Retreat programs Transform health issues without medication and help you rid yourself of dis-ease. Lifestyle Change programs are individually designed for each person’s specific health issues and condition.


We offer various Lifestyle Change retreat program for various health conditions including conditions of the mind as well as the physical body. 


If you are suffering from a health condition and are searching for natural treatment, our lifestyle change retreat programs focus on lifestyle changes and education along with and holistic integrative  modalities.


Our focus is mind, body, emotions and spirit.


Our Lifestyle change Retreat programs for health conditions incorporate biochemical, mental and emotional detoxification, using natural methods such as  nutrition, juice therapy, exercise, infrared-hypothermia sauna, enemas, hydrotherapy, supplementation, counseling, parapsychotherapy and mindfulness.


Physical, emotional and spiritual balance is restored with the ancient, time-tested traditional methods of Accupressure, and energy medicine modalities like, inner Journey, meditation, chakra balancing, Aura clearing and the Fragrance-Soul Nine Dimensional Healing.


The immune system is strengthened with the most advanced, holistic, research-based complementary natural methods of healing, such as nutrition and detoxification.


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