Policy and Term of Service

General Terms and Conditions 


Please read our General Terms and Conditions carefully.


Dear client, please read our General Terms and Conditions carefully.
We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

As we continue to develop our work and implement new technologies, changes to our General Terms and Conditions may become necessary. Therefore, we encourage you to re-read and request these Terms and Conditions from time to time.

Sacred-Flame & Fragrance-Soul LifeStyle Solutions Center's Terms and Conditions may be modified, or exceptions may be made, at any time without counterclaim. This right is reserved to Sacred-Flame & Fragrance-Soul LifeStyle Solutions Center. We ask our clients to inform themselves about the current version.


The current terms and conditions will also be sent to you upon request. 

Responsible for the content according to § 10 Abs. 3 MDStV Tax number: 38/178/30060
Jurisdiction and place of performance: 55469 Simmern Date: September 2020


1 The following General Terms and Conditions (GTCs) govern the contractual relationship between Sacred-Flame & Fragrance-Soul Center For LifeStyle Solutions and consumers who make use of the on-site, telephone and remote services offered by Sacred- Flame & Fragrance-Soul Center For LifeStyle Solutions.


2. appointments are to be kept by both parties and are binding. We do not give any guarantee or promise of success.


3. the staff of the center reserves the right to cancel an agreed appointment at short notice for valid reasons (e.g. emergency, death, etc.) without compensation (e.g. for travel expenses).


4. invoices are payable immediately upon receipt without deduction. If the invoice amount is not received within 14 days of the invoice date, Sacred-Flame & Fragrance-Soul Center is entitled to charge interest on arrears in accordance with the statutory regulations.


5. payments are to be made free of charge for the recipient. This also applies to payments from abroad and even if a transaction fee is incurred. The costs of payment transactions shall always be borne by the initiator of the transaction. ́




6 Appointments must be confirmed 24 hours before taking place.
6:1 All consulting appointments must be canceled 72 hours.
7 Due to the work with the Spirits and higher energies, incalculable waiting times for attendance appointments are to be considered. The contact between our spiritual helpers and us requires a certain flexibility, because the Spirits follow their own rules, which we cannot influence. We ask for your understanding that times may be delayed up to two hours, possibly more. We will try to make your waiting time as pleasant as possible and thank you for your understanding and patience. 

8. our ethical attitude follows the rules of Sacred-Flame & Fragrance-Soul LifeStyle Solutions Center. If you are interested, please ask for our brochure. 

9. manifested physical or mental illnesses may only be treated by members of recognized healing professions. The treatments offered by us only serve to activate your self-healing powers. 

10. all offers are subject to change and non-binding. We expressly reserve the right to change, supplement or delete parts of the pages or the entire offer without prior notice, or to temporarily or permanently cease publication. 

During massages, clients are covered with a clean towel or sheet. Only the parts of the body that are being massaged are left open. 

12. the genitals are never massaged.


Payment Policy 


13. all Sacred-Flame & Fragrance-Soul services are net prices plus VAT.
13.1 The costs of a consultation are to be paid after the appointment.
13.2. initial consulting appointments are called strategy sessions and are offered in three types: Basic Strategy Session 2.5 hours, premium:Strategy Session 3.5 hours , Gold /VIP: Strategy session 5-6 hours  

14. all appointments must be made in advance. Unless another payment plan is agreed upon. We prefer advance payment by wire transfer, as well as cash payments. Additional needs will be paid at the time of the visit.


15. in order to better help you achieve a perfect healthy lifestyle, we offer the possibility to create an individual program according to your situation, and we will accompany you during your change process. The final amount of the individual program is to be paid in advance, after booking the individual program.


16. individual applications or consultations without individual programs are to be paid in full before or after the appointment. For example, if a client has booked an appointment for a consultation session, but there is an additional service during the session, the additional cost will be charged.


17. special arrangements can be made in advance and are valid only in writing signed by both parties.


18. we adapt our offer and services of each client to his current needs. Therefore, products or other materials ordered individually are to be paid separately and cannot be returned, as they are made specifically for the corresponding client. This also applies to uncancelled appointments, course programs or individually made rituals. The legal right of return is therefore excluded for our products, candle rituals and materials. All profile oils (theme 30 ml) cost 98 euros. You can request our price list for more information about the cost of our offers.


19. we reserve the right - if necessary - to make changes. In this case you will receive the actual information at your next session or course visit. We will also be happy to inform you of any changes by email or mail. These changes will not be made arbitrarily, but when necessary (endangering the goal to be achieved). 


20. we reserve the right not to offer you our services if you avoid seeing a specialist (doctor, psychologist, alternative practitioner, therapist, etc.) in order to achieve your recovery. 

We reserve the right to postpone appointments for important unavoidable reasons. You will be informed of this in good time by telephone or e-mail. 

For emergency call, psyche and emotional support, we ask our clients to purchase in advance a Coaching program or Follow-Up sessions. The Coaching program and Follow-Up sessions, can also be taken for weekend or emergency appointment in crisis situations on site or by phone, online via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or WhatsApp video.

23. retreats are offered as: BioCellularDecoding® BioCellularDeprogramming®, BioCellularReprogramming®. Deposit of registration fee for retreats or workshops, will be made at time of booking. Sacred-Flame & Fragrance-Soul Center For LifeStyle Solutions cannot guarantee the booking until the registration fee (deposit) is paid in full. 

24. an electronic or written confirmation of payment will be issued upon completion of the transaction. 

25.Due to the limited number of retreat spaces and the custom design and capacity we provide, an 80% deposit is required at the time of booking to hold your retreat space. 

26.1 Once a booking is made, the 80% deposit is non-refundable and the following cancellation fee will apply: 

27.2. more than 30 days before the due date: 50% of the deposit will be deducted. 

28.3. 30 to 14 days prior to due date: 80% of deposit will be deducted. 

28.4. 14 to 0 days before due date: 100% of the deposit will be deducted. 

28.5. for 1-3 day retreats, payment of the full retreat fee is due at the time of booking. 

29.For 4 to 6 day retreat, 80% of the full retreat fee must be paid at the time of booking. 

100% payment terms: 

30. if your booking date is within 21 days of the retreat, 100% of the full retreat fee must be paid at the time of booking. 

31. For all retreats that go 4 days or longer, the full retreat fee must be paid 21 days prior to the start of the retreat. 

To secure a place on the waiting list, 80% of the total desired retreat fee is required at the time of registration. 

32. for special arrangement retreats, payment of the full agreed upon amount is required prior to the start of the retreat. 

34. for one to one solo retreats or 1-2 person (couple) retreats, a deposit of 80% per person is required at the time of booking, with the balance due no later than 14 days prior to the start of the retreat. 

35. failure to comply with the payment terms may result in cancellation of your booking. In this case, no refund will be given.


36. client information created and archived at Sacred Flame Center is maintained in accordance with the Privacy Act. Your information is private and cannot be shared with anyone else unless specific criteria are met. Your records are kept in your client card and are permanently backed up at our center. Access to center records will be limited to Susan Uffenbrink and her staff. 

37.There will be an expense charge of $7.00 plus postage for duplicate forms or other processing. 

Special payment options: 


38.1. 25% deposit Terms: To secure your booking, pay a 25% deposit at the time of booking, followed by 3 additional payments of 25% every 30 days until the retreat date. 

38.2. 25% Deposit Terms: apply to 5 and 7 day Intensive - Retreat only and are payable 90 days in advance. 

39. 50% Deposit Terms: To secure your booking, pay a 50% deposit immediately, and the balance in 30 days. 

40. 100% Payment Terms: If your booking date is within 30 days of the start of the retreat, 100% of the total retreat cost is due. 


Appointment Cancellation


41. clients may cancel their counseling appointments no later than 72 hours prior to the start of the appointment. Appointments cancelled later or no-shows at the appointment will result in the full fees incurred for the purpose of the appointment being charged (according to Sacred-Flame & Fragrance-Soul Center's current rates, which can be found in the price list or will be provided by us upon request). 

42. if we have an outside appointment, we must be able to keep the appointment on time, even if we have an appointment to meet with a client. Different fees apply for outside appointments than for office appointments. If the client is not on site within 20 minutes of the scheduled time, the appointment will be forfeited and that appointment will be billed in full. 

43. sexual harassment will not be tolerated. If Susan Uffenbrink feels her safety is in question, she may immediately change or cancel the appointment or session. In the event of abuse of our service, whether physical, emotional or psychological, Susan Uffenbrink and all staff members have the right to withdraw their services. In such a case, the client is not entitled to a refund. 


Cancellation of Workshops/Coaching/Application Programs 


44. cancellations must always be made in writing. 

If a course program is not taken up by the client before the start and the cancellation is made up to four weeks before the start of the coaching program, an expense fee of 50% of the total price of the individual course program is to be paid. 

In case of cancellation up to two weeks before the start of the coaching program, we charge 25% of the coaching program fee. 

In case of cancellation less than two weeks before the start of the coaching program, we charge 50% of the coaching program fee, unless the client nominates a substitute participant. In this case we charge a handling fee of 20% of the coaching program fee.

48. if a coaching program is cancelled by the client after the 1st appointment during the term, the full amount of the individual program is to be paid in any case. 

49. possible cancellation fees by Sacred-Flame & Fragrance-Soul Center For LifeStyle Solutions will be paid by the client. In the event of a no-show or cancellation shorter than 4 business days, Sacred-Flame & Fragrance-Soul Center For LifeStyle Solutions will charge the full coaching program, fee. If a client does not take advantage of the full service, there is no right to a refund for the service not rendered. The content and schedule of the course program as well as the assignment of the leaders can be changed while maintaining the overall character of the course program. This does not entitle the client to withdraw from the contract or to a reduction of the invoice amount.


Retreat Cancellation Policy: 


50. customized personal retreats.
Due to the limited number of retreat spaces, as well as the custom design we provide, an 80% deposit is required at the time of booking to hold your retreat space.


51. due to the extensive organization involved with retreats, a strict cancellation fee is charged to offset costs and lost revenue. 


52. please note: if you do not attend or leave a retreat before completion, no refund can be given. 

53. retreats cannot be transferred.

54.Only under special circumstances and with Sacred Flame & Fragrance-Soul Center For LifeStyle Solution approval, retreats cannot be transferred or rescheduled to a later date. 

55. 3 day retreats are non-refundable should the person cancel or not attend in less than 72 hours. 

56. gift certificates are non-refundable and non-transferable.  Gift certificates are valid for one year from the date of issue. After that time, the voucher will expire.

57.Please note: At Sacred-Flame & Fragrance-Soul Center For LifeStyle Solutions, cancellation fees may vary from the above and are subject to change at any time. 

58. If you cancel your personal retreat at least 14 days prior to the start date, we can issue a credit for the total retreat amount paid. This credit must be used within one year from the date of cancellation. 

58.1 If you cancel your retreat less than 5 business days prior to the retreat start date, a cancellation fee of €498.00 will apply and will be deducted from your total paid retreat amount. The remainder of the retreat amount paid will then be issued to you as a credit to be used within one year. 

59. if you cancel your retreat in less than 72 hours prior to the start time, your deposit will not be refunded and no credit will be issued. Once your retreat has been scheduled, any changes you request will be subject to a 398.00 change fee, payable 5 business days in advance. 
60. in the event that you are unable to attend or complete a session for any reason during your retreat, there will be NO prorated refund as the session time has been reserved for you. 

61 Retreat Times: Each retreat begins at 1:00 pm on the first day and ends at 6:30 pm.
Beginning on the second day, retreats begin daily at 10:00 a.m. and end at 6:30 p.m.
Retreat times include a 1 hour break.
Day retreat always starts at 1:00 pm and ends at 6:30 pm.


62. For new clients:
It's normal to be ambivalent when you start the life help process - when you spend money on yourself and when you face difficult feelings and problems. I want to help you make lasting changes. It's not always easy, but it's an investment in yourself!
In my experience, you get the best results when we commit to meeting in retreat sessions at least first in a 3 day retreat once a month, 1 to 3 times a year. After that, we can discuss whether your goals can be met by meeting less frequently.
There is often a 6-12 week waiting period for a new client appointment. If you would like to be seen sooner, you can email me and request to be put on my waiting list (I will contact you when an appointment is open).
Please read the following disclaimer and book a consultation or retreat if you fully agree with the following statement:
63. on 19.06.2018 - B 2 U 9/17 R. the Federal Social Court (BSG) ruled that the "Geistheiler/in" is to be assigned to the health care system within the meaning of Section 2 (1) No. 9 SGB VII. It did not depend on whether the method was recognized. Exclusively the goal of the activity is relevant for the obligation to contribute in the health professional association, said the highest social judges. The goal of the alternative treatment methods used by the is the healing and improvement of diseases, said the BSG. 
According to the decision of the Federal Constitutional Court of March 2, 2004 - AZ 1BvR 784/03 - there is an obligation to point out that all our applications do not replace a conventional medical diagnosis and treatment.
The idea concepts and opinions expressed in the BioCellularReprogramming® Retreat as well as all Sacred-Flame & Fragrance-Soul Center For LifeStyle Solutions offerings are for educational purposes only.
These programs are offered with the understanding that Susan L. Uffenbrink and the Sacred-Flame & Fragrance-Soul Center For LifeStyle-Solutions do not give medical advice of any kind, and that the BioCellularReprogramming® Retreat programs or strategy sessions are not intended to replace medical advice to treat diseases, conditions, Diagnose, prevent or treat illness or injury. The techniques and processes offered during consultations and retreats are not a substitute for consultations with your physician, psychologist or alternative health practitioner. Purchase and participation in the BioCellularReprogramming® retreat and programs or consultation with Susan L. Uffenbrink does not constitute a professional relationship or medical advice or service. It is recommended that individuals experiencing unusual or symptomatic symptoms receive medical attention from a licensed physician or other licensed health care professional. Susan L. Uffenbrink assumes no responsibility to any person or organization for any liability, loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the use, application or interpretation of any material presented by Susan Uffenbrink during her counseling, retreats or programs.
The client understands that the role of the life health coach is not to prescribe or evaluate micro and macro nutritional values, to provide health care, medical or nutritional therapy services, or to diagnose, treat or cure any disease, condition or other physical or psychological affliction of the human body. 
Rather, Coach is a mentor and counselor trained in holistic health and life coaching to help Client achieve his or her own health and life goals by helping Client develop and implement positive, sustainable lifestyle changes. 
Client acknowledges that the Susan Uffenbrink is not acting in the capacity of a physician, licensed nutritionist, psychologist, or other licensed or registered professional, and that advice given by the Susan Uffenbrink is not intended to take the place of advice given by such professionals. If the client/client is undergoing medical treatment or is currently taking prescription medication, the client/client should discuss any dietary changes or possible use of nutritional supplements with his/her physician and should not discontinue any prescription medication without first consulting his/her physician. 
Client agrees to communicate honestly, to be open to feedback and suggestions, and to fully engage and contribute to the session, retreat and or coaching process.


Client acknowledges and agrees that coaching is a comprehensive process that can explore different areas of their life, including work, finances, health, and relationships, but it is ultimately the client's decision how to incorporate coaching into each aspect of their life.
The client is solely responsible for implementing the techniques discovered through coaching.
Sacred-Flame & Fragrance-Soul Center For LifeStyle Solutions and Susan Uffenbrink makes no warranties, representations or guarantees of any kind, express or implied, with respect to the retreat and or coaching services negotiated, agreed upon and provided. In no event shall Sacred-Flame & Fragrance-Soul Center For LifeStyle Solutions and Susan Uffenbrink be liable to Client for any indirect, consequential or special damages. Notwithstanding any damages that may be incurred by Client, Sacred-Flame & Fragrance-Soul Center For LifeStyle Solutions and Susan Uffenbrink's total liability under the Employment Agreement and Client's exclusive remedy shall be limited to the amount actually paid by Client to Sacred-Flame & Fragrance-Soul Center For LifeStyle Solutions and Susan Uffenbrink under Employment Agreement for all retreat coaching services rendered up to and including the Termination Date. Client agrees that Sacred-Flame & Fragrance-Soul Center For LifeStyle Solutions and Susan Uffenbrink shall not be liable or responsible for any acts or omissions or for any direct or indirect consequences of the services provided by the retreat, counseling, follow-up sessions and or coach.
by booking a service of Sacred-Flame & Fragrance-Soul Center For LifeStyle Solutions and Susan Uffenbrink, the client has chosen to work with Susan Uffenbrink, understands and accepts the terms and conditions of Sacred-Flame & Fragrance-Soul Center For LifeStyle Solutions and Susan Uffenbrink. Furthermore, the client understands and accepts that the information received is not to be construed as medical or nursing advice and is not intended to take the place of a visit to a licensed medical professional.


Final clauses

64 In the absence of a special written agreement, the place of performance for all obligations arising directly or indirectly from the contractual relationship, including the obligation to pay, shall be our registered office in 44569 Simmer Hunsrück.
The place of jurisdiction for all claims arising from the contractual relationship shall be the place of jurisdiction responsible for our registered office. We shall also be entitled to take legal action before a court responsible for the registered office or a branch of the customer.
The invalidity of individual provisions of these general terms and conditions, services of LifeSelf-Care Accompanying Healing, Retreats, all services and payment conditions or its components shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The contracting parties shall be obligated, within the scope of what is reasonable and in good faith, to replace an invalid provision with a valid provision that is equivalent to its economic success, provided that this does not result in a significant change to the content of the contract. The same shall apply if a matter requiring regulation is not expressly regulated. 
The General Terms and Conditions of the respective supplier shall apply to orders which are brokered by us but confirmed, delivered, executed and invoiced directly by the suppliers.

The inclusion and interpretation of these General Terms and Conditions, as well as the conclusion and interpretation of legal transactions with the customer, shall be governed exclusively by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, to the exclusion of UN and international sales law.

The customer authorizes us, waiving notification, to process personal data within the scope of the permissibility of the DSGVO and to the extent necessary for the performance of the contractual relationship, and to transmit such data to the bodies concerned with the performance of the contractual relationship within our company. We expressly reserve the right to take out credit insurance on any transactions concluded with the customer and to transmit the necessary data of the customer in this context, of which the customer takes note with consent.



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