The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. "~ Eleanor Roosevelt


We offer a selection of powerful retreats and workshops that you can use to improve every area of ​​your life.

The purpose of our retreats is to help you return to the state where you are free from illness, pain, suffering and fear by simply becoming aware of your true nature, your true self.

We do this by researching the science of consciousness elevation. We leave nothing aside to explain the mechanism of mind, soul, brain and body. At the same time, we are moving away from a practical way to remove filters and blockages for self-confidence. After participating in our retreats, you will become your own healer and guide in the process of raising awareness. You can achieve whatever you want in your life by raising awareness of yourself within yourself.


Our retreat programs consist of a complex of individual and personal retreats based on BioCellularReprogramming®  and BioCellularDeprogramming®. BioCellularReprogramming® and BioCellularDeprogramming® change your view of life and allow you to let go of the false beliefs of everything that is not the true self - illness, pain, suffering and fear.


BioCellularDeprogramming® is the first part of our retreat series to raise awareness. It offers theory and techniques on how to recognize your own presence and connection with everything else and to experience unity through the state of consciousness. It highlights how the soul can be freed from blockages, emotions or other filters that can affect this experience of knowing the true self.


The second part of our retreat series is BioCellularActivation®. With BioCellularActivation® you work with your lifestyle, such as eating, thinking and behavior. They reprogram it to bring about important cellular changes. This enables you to interact with higher frequencies, elements, programs, people in your life, events and others.


In the last series of BioCellularReprogramming®, we examine in detail the process of raising awareness to further expand your reality and release the true potential of all your organs, energy centers, your mind and your body.


Our retreat series strengthens the wisdom you have gained through the use of practical exercises. They lead you to the activation of your energy centers and important stimuli in order to raise your awareness.


With the theory and practice of the BioCellularDeprogramming® retreat series, you will learn:

how to release blockages, emotions and thoughts that prevent you from experiencing life to the fullest

how to unleash false beliefs and ideas that change your perception of true reality how to identify and trigger the state of self-awareness to reset your systems and activate holographic DNA thus bringing health and balance back to your system by letting you remember your original programming how to unlock your spiritual abilities and connect with universal consciousness.


BioCellularReprogramming® Retreats





BioCellular-LifeStyle Solution®


The BioCellularReprogramming® method is not intended to replace medical treatments. When using BioCellular Reprogramming®, people should always be under the care of their doctor.


BioCellularReprogramming® BioCellularDeprogramming® and BIOCELLULAR-NLP® are registered trademarks of Susan L. Uffenbrink.


Our Retreat offers you the opportunity to release old belief patterns and habits that are holding you back. You’re able to explore your inner and outer worlds, providing you with an opportunity for profound healing.


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