Private Retreats

Taking a few days to nurture and renew your spirit will pay amazing dividends!

Are you facing a challenging life transition the end of a significant relationship, divorce or widowhood; a career change, job loss or desire to start a business; empty nest or retirement; or another midlife crisis?


You may be feeling lost, confused and overwhelmed. You need some support to clear the cobwebs, face your fears and find a productive way to move forward?

Are you experiencing a longing for spiritual connection and a sense of greater meaning and purpose? 

You may not be particularly religious, or perhaps you find yourself questioning your beliefs. You may find spiritual connection in nature, through prayer, meditation. 

Would You’d like to dedicate more time to spiritual practice, but quiet time is something you find yourself avoiding or not allowing yourself the luxury. Yet the calling is unmistakable?


You wonder what’s in the way?


Are You a selfless giver, a good woman through and through. Perhaps others even refer to you as an Earth Angel or something similar. And yet, for all the happiness you bring to others, your own happiness keeps eluding you?


You may have experienced a string of relationship failures, possibly with a narcissistic or self-absorbed partner who may also have been an addict or emotionally abusive. It seems that your love hasn’t been enough. But are you giving yourself the love you so freely give to others?

Self-care seems almost frivolous and allowing others to give to you is not something you know how to do. Yet, some part of you knows that your well-being depends on it.


You are craving balance, you may be feeling burnout or boredom with your work and you’ve lost touch with what’s really important to you. You are longing for something more.


If you recognize yourself in any of the above scenarios, I’d be honored to be your guide on a gentle and loving journey to find your beautiful self again, take back your power and inspire a compelling and exciting new vision for your life.

Get in touch with me today to find out how I can make a difference in your life

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