Women Retreat

Are you always putting others needs ahead of your own?


If the focus of your life has been to meet the needs and demands of others at the expense of your own, you may be living out of sync with your innermost values and desires. You may have even lost awareness of what they truly are!

And, if you’ve been succumbing to fears and limiting beliefs, and denying expression of your true self, you may be feeling tremendous frustration and disappointment with the state of your life, and a sense that something vital is missing.


That something is YOU!

My retreat process will guide you step-by-step to reconnect with the parts of you that have been lost or put on the back burner, as you have endeavored to give your best to everyone and everything around you – your career, your family, your community – but have allowed your own needs to languish.


If you are you a woman who struggles with:

    •    Feeling chronic stress or burnout

    •    Difficulty getting your needs met

    •    Self-sabotaging behavior

    •    Being hard on yourself

    •    Never feeling good enough

    •    Worrying about what other people think

    •    Not being able to relax and have fun

    •    Longing for balance and a better quality of life

Taking a few days to nurture and renew your spirit will pay amazing dividends! Doing some deep soul searching with Professional guidance  will help you gain clarity about what you need in your life to be truly happy and at peace.

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